Cleopatra in her amazing new home.jpg


"Cleopatra" was created when a friend and I were joking about a nickname for another friend referring to him as a goat. On a whim, I started to draw a big goat and it sat on the wall in my studio for a while. It began to take on something of a mystical quality as Cleo's eyes followed me around the studio. I got the blue background finished and then decided to use oil pigment sticks that I've had little experiment with. At the end Cleo's fur was created. And of course, all mystical creatures need striped horns and green eyes. 

The client who purchased the art had a childhood pet goat named Cleopatra. When she saw the piece on Instagram she bought it without seeing it in person. Cleopatra the goat now resides in her bedroom with a watchful eye.

38" x 50" Acrylic paint, oil pigment sticks, paper on 100% Coventry Rag paper custom framed in white wood.

Mystical Goat_1800_SOLD 38x50.jpg


38" x 50"